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Anti-Ice systems can save lives

“Drivers are less stressed ...”

Bernhard Wyrembek, owner of LKW Transporte Wyrembek in Tangermünde, is convinced by the advantages: “We pump up the pipes before the end of the working day, so that no water can collect on the roof. Without the de-icing system we had drive up to a suitable construction, from which we could climb onto the roof and get rid of water and ice using long brooms, something that is naturally arduous. This could take between 30 minutes and an hour including manoeuvring and waiting time. On the other hand pumping up air pipes takes a maximum of five minutes.

The Anti-ice system improves road safety, saves time and money, prevents water problems in loading areas, protects tarpaulins and support structures and reduces strain on the driver. “You can live more comfortably, as you make a decisive contribution to safety. The system is worth it, when you think of the damage that heavy loads of snow can cause, to say nothing of people and damage to properties because of accidents. The anti-icing system from Fliegl is a very fine thing and I highly recommend it says Wyrembek.

When requested insurers can refund part of the insurance premium, when a trailer is equipped with this innovative device.

The Anti-ice System is designed for all Fliegl curtain sided semi-trailers. It can be ordered with a new vehicle or retro fitted at any time.

  • Contributes to road safety and safety at work
  • Prevents accidents and damage to vehicles
  • Time saving and easy to operate
  • Reimbursement on insurance