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Passion for trailers

We transport your future

Fliegl brings quality products for goods traffic to the roads. The company has been designing and making utility vehicles for 20 years with special considerations for safety, economy and flexibility. With a complete product range Fliegl is successful over the entire European market, with mass production as well as special transport solutions for individual customer requirements. As one of the few manufacturers with such an extensive range, Fliegl is in a position to deliver, not just standard but also custom built vehicles, quickly and reliably, e.g. Curtain siders, container chassis, dumper semi-trailers, low loaders, pushing-floor trailers, tandem trailers, Platforms etc.

Higher service demand

Top quality and the comprehensive Fliegl 24/7 service and 48 plus, together with a reliable and fast spare part service as well as a service partnership with the ADAC guarantee long term mobility.

At Triptis (Thuringia), Fliegl assembles trailers in one of the most modern trailer production plants in Europe. Additional production and subsidiary companies are located in Kastl and Töging (Bavaria) in Germany as well as in France, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary.