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Robust and durable!

Curtain sided semi-trailers from Fliegl travel millions of kilometres on European roads, they are tough and ready for action day and night. With an unladen weight of approximately 6 tonnes they achieve a payload advantage of about 800 kg over comparable vehicles from other manufacturers. This saves money: After about one million kilometres Fliegl RoadRunners have paid off their complete purchase price – alone from the fuel savings due to higher pay loads.

Apart from their economic points Fliegl RoadRunners win on safety and efficiency. Numerous extras are available:

Load securing is very important at Fliegl. In its full configuration there are over 500 lashing possibilities. Fliegl trailers are available with the Vario load securing system, XL load securing certificate, side panels, pallet retaining stops, lashing lugs, travel lugs, stanchion pockets and much more.

RoadRunners from Fliegl are also available as Jumbo and City trailers.

Fliegl service:
24/7: Europe-wide service round the clock.
48 plus: Guarantee extension up to four years.