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Data recording with Trailer-Telematik

Fliegl and Dreyer+Timm work together

Dreyer+Timm GmbH have been involved with data communication, control and measurement technology since 1970 and with telematic applications since 2004. The company from Lower Saxony, equips construction machines, work platforms, agricultural machines and military vehicles as well as Fleigl's HGV trailers and semi-trailers. MyTrailer Telematik consists of two components. Scombox and Scomview. The Scombox is mounted on the trailer and connected up to the electronic braking system (EBS), the data from which is collected and distributed. MyTrailer Telematik is available on all new Fleigl trailers and semi-trailers but can also be retrofitted at any time. Scombox and Scomview guarantee the systems automatic, reliable, continuous and comprehensible data recording.