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Fliegl Dolly

Dollys from Fliegl make a clever connection between an HGV and a semi-trailer. Above all in Scandinavia they can enjoy it, because of its reliability, excellent reputation and it is at the top of registration statistics.

The steerable Dolly from Fliegl is the lightest available on the German utility vehicle market – with an unladen weight reduction of 1000 kg and an increase of up to 1000 kg in its payload capacity compared to models from other manufacturers. These pluses pay for themselves in daily use, especially for example in regarding the limited allowable total weight of HGV road trains in Germany. Its innovative steering mechanism work by means of a horizontal revolving tow bar with hydraulic cylinders, which press on the dolly on the outside on curves. The mechanism is technically uncomplicated, not susceptible to faults, low wear and tear and low-maintenance.

Fliegl Dollys are available in Standard and Mega versions with corresponding trailers.