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Fliegl invests in safety with a dump truck test facility

“When it falls, then it falls ...”

In the summer of 2008 Helmut Fliegl called three of his employees to him. The company owner showed them pictures of a dumper test facility in England and appointed them with the task of constructing their own test rig for dumpers. “Firstly we just started building”, remembers Steve Schumann and Sven Dufft from Fliegl fixtures construction, who, under the technical direction of Rene Fuchs, put the idea into practice. “The construction of the frame was not difficult, it first started to get complicated when it came to defining the measurement points, that were so critically important for the tests. “We started with a floor inclination of 5 degrees, then we went further and further, all the time gaining more experience. Up till now the maximum floor inclination in our tests was 8 degrees with a tipping angle of 44 degrees.”