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Fliegl invests in safety with a dump truck test facility

“When it falls, then it falls ...”

As a matter of fact no vehicle has fallen over on the Fliegl dumper test facility, however in everyday use accidents continue to happen with dumpers. Above all on uneven or wet ground, in quarries or on landfill sites, an axle can quickly slip or even a tipping cylinder can buckle. “When it falls, then it falls”, warns Steve Schumann. “Then there is no time to think or react. HGV drivers, who were invited to our tests, were fascinated by the resilience of the Fliegl dumpers and were more aware of the dangers when dumping materials.”

The dumper test facility from Fliegl is able to simulate a floor inclination of a maximum of 12 degrees. Unmodified vehicles from the Fliegl selection were tested, the results are then used in the further dumper development. The Fliegl test rig is the only one of its type, to which guests are also given access: “We have already made tests with competitors and their products. Naturally they looked critically at our colleagues in our facility and made precise observations”, observes Sven Dufft. “However to be completely objective: Our dumpers had the best results …”

  • Knowledge of product development
  • Contribution to road safety and safety at work
  • Fliegl leads in comparison tests