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Fliegl's COMPACT dumper range

The alternative to four axle HGV dumpers

The compact twin axles are light, short, small and agile, but at the same time they offer the full flexibility of semi-trailers: If there is no bulk goods to be transported, the tractor unit can be used for other transport tasks.

  • COMPACT CONI Light: Double-axle rear dumping semi-trailer with aluminium trough
  • COMPACT Stone Master Light: Double-axle rear dumping semi-trailer with a steel trough
  • COMPACT Stone Master HEAVY: Double-axle rear dumping semi-trailer with a steel trough
The COMPACT Stone Master is available in light or HEAVY configurations. The respective troughs differ in the wall thickness and in the tailgate e.g. swing (light) or hydraulic (HEAVY). The unladen weight is between approximately 4.7 and 5.1 tonnes.

A conical shaped aluminium trough forms the heart of the COMPACT CONI Light. The width of this conical dumping bridge acquiesces towards the rear, allowing it to be emptied quickly, evenly and cleanly. Because of the trough form the Fliegl constructors can achieve a unique reduction in wear and tear, apart from this the inner wall of the trough is thicker below than above, where the rubbing effect of the bulk goods has a much greater impact. The strength is especially high in the lower area of the trough, where the thicker trough walls can withstand the strain and material wear is limited. The environmental aspect played a particularly important role in the design of the COMPACT CONI Light. The unladen weight of the dumper could be reduced down to 4.5 tonnes. Furthermore it is provided with an aerodynamic package, that gives it a spectacularly futuristic appearance. It is made up of a front covering and a curved tailgate. These streamlining elements optimize the air flow during travelling significantly reducing the fuel consumption by 5 to 10%. The compact rear dumping semi-trailer is available with an additional highlight. The Fliegl Flip & Go hood. This ideal covering system serves as a load securing system, protects the transported goods and offers, because of its operation considerable advantages over existing rolling tarpaulins. It can open and close faster and more comfortably with little manipulation. Flip & Go saves time and raises work safety levels, in that the driver no longer has to climb onto a stand in order to uncover the trough. Two secured brackets on the outside of the trough help with fast and comfortable handling from the outside. They pull the protective cover over the trough and secure the bulk goods. The Flip & Go can be opened and closed with the help of a hand crank from the ground. When the top is open the tarpaulin disappears in a space saving way into a roll box at the back side of the trough.

The magazine “Transport” awarded the COMPACT Coni Light from Fliegl, in the category for construction, the European Transport prize for Sustainability 2012.

Wear and tear reduction, fuel saving, operating comfort and optimal work protection – the new COMPACT CONI Light is there for all these reasons. Together with the COMPACT Stone Master HEAVY and the COMPACT Stone Master Light they make up the COMPACT dumper range from Fliegl – innovative and pointing the way ahead.