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Fliegl's Light Master

The light weight for higher payloads

Steel makes for stability. This is why Fliegl dumpers are on a steel chassis – even the lightly constructed Light Master. Its high wear resistant trough is constructed for high stress and the double leaf rear doors have a safety catch which is uncomplicated to operate. The frame of the trailer is offset in the centre, so that the vehicle and the loading height are lower and have a lower centre of gravity, which optimizes driving stability.

The Light Master with 50 cubic metre trough weighs just 7.9 tonnes and with a 60 cubic metre trough just 8.6 tonnes. Apart from standard dumping the payload is raised by up to two tonnes, so bulky large volume goods can be cost-effectively transported.

The Light Master Coil can be flexibly deployed thanks to its steel trough with integrated coil recess Hauliers have to for example transport rubbish to a rolling mill, on the return trip complete steel coils could be loaded, thus preventing an unladen journey. Fliegl constructs the Coil Master Light from an unladen weight of just 8.5 tonnes.