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CO2 emissions, fuel costs, transport volumes

Intelligent vehicle concept from Fliegl

The utility vehicle branch, steered by a structural change from the requirements of legislators and customers puts the company ahead of three central challenges: Environmental compatibility, rising oil prices and increasing transport volumes will characterize the market in the coming years. This is the result of a questionnaire among manufacturers, suppliers, politicians and associations on behalf of the Verbandes der Automobilindustrie (VDA / German Association for the Automotive Industry). Ecological, economic and practically orientated Intelligent transport solutions are required.

This market development has been present at Fliegl for a long time. Sustainability, efficiency, durability and flexibility are what make vehicle concepts from Fliegl stand out:

Fliegl light construction
Light trailers are economic trailers. With an unladen weight of approximately 6 tonnes curtainsider semi-trailers from Fliegl achieve a payload advantage of about 800 kg over comparable vehicles from other manufacturers. Fliegl has also presented its Chemical Chassis light : It is the only one with an unladen weight of less than three tonnes.

Conical dumper
For ecology and economy the conical dumper troughs from Fliegl have been awarded the European Transport Prize for sustainability. Due to its wedge shape the dumpers travel with reduced wind and roll resistance, with low fuel costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

Intelligent vehicle construction
Fleigl demonstrates with the COMPACT Coni light just how effectively aerodynamically optimized trailers can reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Its aerodynamic packet optimizes the air flow during the journey reducing fuel consumption by up to 10%. The Quick Lock System from Fliegl achieves a similar effect. The buckles of the tarpaulin central locking no longer protrude and in this way reduce air resistance and fuel consumption. Furthermore Fliegl places value on flexible deployable trailers, that can transport different goods and prevent expensive empty journeys.

Fliegl has been constructing the ecologically and economical viable Eurocombi since 1996. The 25m long train is Fliegl's vehicle concept for a constantly increasing transport volume – to reduce the stress on the environment and the transport routes.