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MegaRunner Flex curtainsider

The MegaRunner Flex can be quickly and easily converted from a Mega to a standard trailer. Thanks to its variable platform height it can be combined with different tractors. The advantage: Standstill times are minimised, the semi-trailers can be efficiently deployed.

The chassis of the MegaRunner Flex is adjusted to the desired height by the air suspension system. At the same time the lifting roof with its 5 positions allows optimum use to be made of the permissible overall height while observing the statutory regulations.

  • Mega ride position with 950 mm coupling height

Thanks to the adjustment of the lifting roof in increments of five centimetres, the MegaRunner Flex can achieve an inside height of up to 3 metres. The retractable and length-adjustable middle rungs prevent the roof from sagging.

  • Standard ride position by raising the chassis to 1100 mm:

The landing legs can be extended so that the fifth wheel height necessary for standard tractors can be achieved. The overlength tarpaulins at the sides can now be folded in and secured with Velcro fasteners.

 The hydraulic lifting roof adjuster allows five ride positions with the following inside heights:

  1. 2800 mm
  2. 2850 mm
  3. 2900 mm
  4. 2950 mm
  5. 3000 mm

 The new MegaRunner Flex from Fliegl Trailer - a profitable commercial vehicle concept for modern fleet management.

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