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Quick Lock saves time and money and makes things more comfortable

Quick Lock saves time and money and makes things more comfortable

The time advantage is obvious: Fiegl assumes a time saving of up to 50% during opening and 33% when closing the tarpaulin, which is achievable with the tarpaulin central locking system.

Above all hauliers who have to load and unload many times a day, or have time restrictions on how long they are able stop for their deliveries, can significantly profit from this. The best example is the car supply sector, in which quite literally every second can count.

Apart from these advantages, this innovation also helps to save fuel costs: Strapping buckles are no longer needed, there is now a flat tarpaulin surface, that is less exposed to soiling. The wind resistance and fuel consumption of the trailer are both reduced.

The Quick Lock system from Fliegl controls 22 hooks, which give the tarpaulin considerably higher stability and increases the transport security by more than devices from other manufacturers, who simply occupy the locking points. Quick Lock works completely mechanically and in this way is not susceptible to disruptions, repairs have been practically excluded. Fliegl have been successfully marketing its tarpaulin central locking system since 1994 The construction has proven itself in use and produced great satisfaction among customers who have used this idea.

  • Time savings of up to 50%
  • Lower fuel costs
  • More transport security
  • Reduced service and repair costs