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Fliegl Folding Stanchion

The new folding stanchion system stands out with its ease of use and repair-friendliness. It is Fliegl's standard for all panel sided trailers and semi-trailers. Fliegl is the the utility model proprietor of this intelligent and forward-looking invention.

The folding stanchion locates on a screwed on mounting device, which allows the construction to quickly be replaced if any damage should occur. The folding stanchion is located sideways on the frame and does not protrude into the loading area. A big advantage over well known systems is the uncomplicated mechanism. For loading and unloading individual stanchions, it can be folded down or completely removed in a single action.

This simple but robust mechanism can be delivered in different stanchion lengths and can withstand loading of up to one tonne. For the durability of the materials the KDL coating protects against corrosion. Fast operation, low susceptibility to damage and low maintenance requirements make the folding stanchion a forward-looking invention, that makes its own contribution towards the optimizing of goods traffic.