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Six Load Securing Certificates

Fliegl's reinforcement steel mesh semi-trailers

The certificated Vario stanchion system consists of stanchions that can be moved sideways and set to the width of the steel meshes. Apart from the stanchions, three portals secure the load against sliding backwards and forwards, these can also be adjusted to the width of the meshes and tensioned with the stanchions.

Rainer Köbl from the GTÜ experts office, Köbl in Knetzgau, Lower Franconia, compared the reinforcement steel mesh semi-trailer from Fliegl with the products of other manufacturers and defined it as “a very good solution”. “In my opinion there is no comparable system on the market.”

The sliding posts (stanchions) allow transport inner width of three metres. Between 2.2 metres and 3.0 metres they can be locked in place every 10 centimetres, they can also be moved apart up to a maximum of 3.5 metres and loaded with reinforcement steel meshes.

The trailer also has steel cable winches for load securing. A plus point for transport security.

Four transverse stakes, four individual stanchion pockets are part of the full set of fittings, so that the driver can insert eight stanchions in a row in the middle of the plateau, there is also an abutment for the transport of timber.

All Vario stanchions are constructed in the same way, simplifying the assembly of the system. Apart from this the entire 1.80 metre length or height of the stanchion can be used (for reinforcement steel meshes or timber), it can also be split for smaller loads.

The flexibility for different uses is a strong point of this Fliegl trailer. Fully equipped, the haulier can receive a total of six certificates: For reinforcement steel meshes, wire coils, structural and bright steel, laminated wood beam constructions (exclusive to Fliegl) and concrete parts (also exclusive to Fliegl).

As supplementary equipment Fliegl also offers removable aluminium side panels that can also be folded. They can, as with all elements of the Vario stanchion system, easily be stowed away in a storage box underneath the vehicle.

The iF International Design Forum has, in the category for special vehicle / construction machine / agricultural technology, awarded the Fliegl Vario stanchion system the iF Product Design Award 2011.