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Three and Four Axle Low Loader Semi-trailer

The heavy transporter from Fliegl

Fliegl low loader can transport construction equipment, machinery and other heavy goods securely, reliably and economically. With payload capacities of between 6 and 60 tonnes Fliegl delivers vehicles optimally coordinated for their purpose and deployment.

The Fliegl modular system give the customer the possibility to put his special low loader together:

  • Low loader trailer
  • Tarpaulin structure
  • Slant bed trailer
  • Telescope function up to six metres
  • Drive over wheel recess
  • Steering axle
  • Side panels
  • Different floor coverings, e.g. hard wood, grating or rubber-steel profile
  • Storage compartments
  • Drive over goose neck
  • Telescopic widening
  • Loading area compensation support
  • Spoon trough
  • Stanchion pockets
  • Lashing lugs
Low loader trailers from Fliegl win over with maximum transport safety.

  • Double action hydraulic cylinder with load safety valve.
  • Inclining ramps with upper handle bar securing
  • Approved lashing rings for optimal and flexible load securing.
  • Close cross member distance and 70 mm hard wood floor for high point loading.