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Saves operating and diesel costs Controlling tyre pressure with the Tyre Inflate System

Mit dem Tyre Inflate System den Reifendruck im Griff

Insufficient tyre pressure is one of the largest cost factors in goods transport: Poorly inflated tyres cause:

  • Up to 4% higher fuel consumption
  • 85% of all tyre total failures
  • Well over half the breakdown service calls
  • 10% of all cases of premature material wear

That just goes to show the savings potential offered by Fliegl trailers with Tyre Inflate System (TIS). The tyre inflation module functions automatically and effectively: It constantly monitors the tyre pressure and automatically adds air, if necessary.

The advantages:

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower diesel costs
  • Longer service life of the tyres
  • Less breakdown-related standstills


With a pressure loss of 0.5 bar, a tractor/trailer combination consumes around 875 litres of additional fuel and results in some 1200 euros of unnecessary operating costs per 100,000 kilometres.

 The Tyre Inflate System is available for all Fliegl trailers - depending on the axle configuration - and can be easily retrofitted. The tool optimises operating cost management with added profitability, value retention and safety.